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Monday, December 14, 2009

Gender, Possible New Series

I may be studying Tarot with a friend soon. It'll be informal and probably sporadic, but we both want to get better at reading, so we're attempting to set something up.

But, now on to the first of the "Beyond" part of this blog, a piece I wrote about gender polarity/equality issues in Trad Craft, as seen, of course, from the outside:

There exists the notion that male-to-female initiations and workings in Gardnerianism indicate a (repressive) hetero-dominant system, and that the Tradition itself is also highly misogynistic. These accusations are, in a word, ludicrous. In his book, Witchcraft Today, author Gerald B. Gardner easily counters and dispels both of them, albeit proactively.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When the Gods close a window...

So, the ritual matters post marked the end of my 101 lessons. Does anyone have any questions or suggestions on the series as a whole? Is anything lacking or missing? Is anything unclear or confusing?

Starting with the next entry, I'll start posting some more "advanced" topics, some of them the subject of controversy and debate in the Wiccan and Pagan communities. This is where the "beyond" part comes in folks, hold tight!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Link Dump

A few sites I enjoy/employ...

Esoterica Bichaunt - Witchcraft persecution during the Inquisition

Lunarium - "Discover the Mysteries of the Moon"

Infra-Azure Labs - Home of the LunaBar tool

Pagan Calendar - Every holiday and other Pagan/Heathen event one may care to know about

Archaeoastronomy Countdowns - Pinpoints the Sabbats and provides a dynamic countdown based on your computer's internal clock, plus this

To be expanded upon without warning.

Ritual Matters

Ritual Purpose, Etiquette and Progression


The reason for performing ritual usually falls under three categories:
- to perform Magick or spellwork
- to honor and connect with the Divine
- to enact spiritual beliefs in a physical and visual way

Monday, December 7, 2009

What's in a Name? A rose by any other name...

Names and Naming Yourself

What and Why
A common practice of many Pagans is to choose a name to go by specifically within ritual. These can be called Magickal names, Circle names (as many Pagan rituals are held within an energy circle), Witch names, Craft names, or ritual names, depending on who you talk to (I personally use "Circle names" most of the time). Some choose to keep the name their parents gave them, but others feel that their legal name doesn't reflect who they truly are or who they are or wish to be within the confines of sacred space, since they did not select the name themselves and/or were given it before finding their Pagan identity. There are some paths wherein a teacher chooses the names for their students at one time or another, but to be so bold as to make a blanket statement about the Pagan community at large, the majority of teachers are more than accepting of one's personal choice of name.